The Yankees Picked Up Curtis Granderson’s Contract for 2013, Good Move?

Posted on October 24, 2012, by admin

The Yankees had an option on center fielder Curtis Granderson’s contract for next season that would see him make $15 million. It’s been reported they decided to overlook his 3-for-30 postseason stats and hold onto his services for 2013. Good move?

Granderson has become more of an Adam Dunn caliber type of hitter this season. His power numbers have been off the charts over the past two seasons hitting 41 home runs in 2011 and then surpassing that total this season with 43 (a new career high). However, similar to Adam Dunn, those home runs come at the cost of him swinging harder, which means more strikeouts. Granderson finished second in the American League (behind Dunn) with 195 whiffs. 16 of his 30 at bats in the postseason were strikeouts.

2011 Granderson put up MVP worthy numbers, but there was a slight decline this season as his average dropped and his strikeout total increased, all for those two extra home runs. The Yankees believe Granderson’s struggles are a question of vision, given that in 2007 he hit .302 with 38 doubles, 23 triples and 23 homers. So they have plans to send him to an eye specialist.

The sport is called baseball, not whiffleball.

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