Brian Banks, Falsely Accused of Rape & Spent 6 Years in Jail Signs To Falcons

Posted on April 4, 2013, by Lionpride
Brian Banks was always a good football player. The man falsely accused of rape was a High school linebacker and had plans to attend USC, until he got a jail sentence of 6 years after the woman below, Wanetta Gibson lied to the police.

Due to Banks attorney giving him bad advice, and the prosecutor ignoring facts, Banks was falsely accused and spent a solid six years in jail. Gibson reached out to Banks after his release, admitting she lied in order to sue the school district for $1.5 million.

Gibson and her mother already went through all the money, and are now broke and are on the run.

The best part about the story, is that Brian Banks, finally gets to follow his dream, and signed with the Atlanta Falcons. According to Jay Glazer, Bank's mother keeps on calling him and can't stop crying.


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