No Beer for Bryce Harper, The Nationals Rookie Celebrates Division Title With Some Apple Cider

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Posted on October 4, 2012, by Lionpride
Bryce Harper is one of a kind. The kid just loves to swing for the fences. For the first time in his young career, Harper experienced the feeling of winning a division title in the majors and before he could even let it settle in, he was already planning on winning many more in the future.
“I want 20,” Harper said. “Let me tell you that right now. I want 20. Maybe that’s not going to happen. But right, now being able to enjoy this with everybody, champagne and apple cider, it’s unbelievable.”
Harper did celebrate with his teammates in the locker room, but the 19 year old wasn’t drinking any of the beer or champagne. He’s actually insisted before that alcohol doesn’t appeal to him. Bryce wants to spend his career with the Washington Nationals. Instead, he poured apple cider over the head of Adam Laroche’s 9-year-old son, Drake. "I was drinking that," Harper said. "Me and Drake were pouring that on top of each other." Harper didn’t however hesitate to jump in with his teammates during the celebration. The photo above shows him holding a can of Miller Light. No worries, Bryce, we ain’t going to criticize you for that, you’re just having fun with your teammates and you certainly deserve to be included in that. Harper played a big part in the National’s winning ways this season. When you have a rookie on your team playing with that much confidence, it rubs off on the rest of the team. Down the stretch Harper was an absolute stud. His numbers during the month of September were .330/.402/.651 with 7 home runs and 14 RBIs.

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